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Gifts are never expected but, alway greatly appreciated.

I have listed a few of my favorite treats & wishes for the gentlemen who love to indulge and pamper.

You may also donate to these charities that I hold close to my heart. Tiger Strips a private exotic animal sanctuary who cares for Tigers, Bears, Cougars and Wolves.  Hopalong that rescues and helps find homes for thousands of animals. 


We can all make a difference one life at a time!

    Private Exotic Animal Sanctuary who needs help!
    Learn how you can help and please pass their website on to others. Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate the euthanasia of cats and dogs through rescue, spay/neuter and education programs.
    Nationwide. Please save a life and adopt an animal who is in need of a wonderful home. 


Bra - 34b
Panties - Medium
Dresses Size 4-6
Stockings Medium or B
Shoe/Boot Size - 9

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I would be happy to enjoy a nice glass of Champagne or red wine with you. Here's a few to choose from or pick your favorite and surprise me.

Chocolate Organic:

I love organic Chocolate...  just a little.