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To Schedule an Appointment:
Send me an email with info requested below or complete the Reservation form.

Your privacy is paramount and will never be compromised your private information. 

Provider Reference:
Must be a verifiable established provider who currently advertises. Please provide your contact phone # and/or email that you used to contact the providers.  I will need name of provider, email and/or phone #. (Please let me know if provider is text friendly)

Professional Info:
I am always respectful of your privacy and will show complete discretion.  I erase all private info after verification.

Options for verification:
(Private Discreet email upon request) you may also use

  • Established linkedin account (Send link with your name embedded). Please show Photo ID in person to verify your name.
  • Send email from your professional email to my private email.  Private email upon request.
  • Professional website showing your name.  If you there's no a photo of you on website, please show Photo ID in person to verify your name.
  • Professional badge with your photo
  • Convention badge. Please show Photo ID in person to verify your name. 

Online Verification Service:

  • PF411 Please send message/reserv request through PF411 or provide PF411 ID

I completely understand that schedule change and sometimes you must cancel our date.  Please provide a much notice as possible and I am always happy to reschedule our date for another time.  Thank you very much for respecting my time as much as I respect yours. (Please confirm all scheduled appointments 24-48 hours prior to our date).

Cash (large Bills preferred but, not required), Paypal preferred for credit cards (professional name will appear on your statement) or I can accept all major credit cards through my merchant account (professional name will appear on your credit card statement), must be processed prior to meeting.  I will also require you sign a credit card authorization form and show ID in person upon arrival. (10% fee + $35 processing fee)

I may also require a deposit if traveling to South Bay and may require a longer date.  I accept all major credit cards (10% fee + $35 processing fee).  You may also send me a deposit through  (Credit Authorization form must by filled out in person and please provide credit card/valid ID).

Incall Appointments:
See "Consideration" for more info! I book 4-star hotels for my incall in SF/SFO/East Bay/Santa Clara.  I may require at least a 90 min appointment if I need to book a room for an appointment.  If I already have scheduled incall, I offer specials. See consideration for more info!

Incall location will be provided the day of meeting.

30 years old or older, prefer gentlemen over 35 yrs old. (Exception may be made but, no one under 25 years old)

Please confirm  24 - 48 hours prior to our date.

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